Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Liberals-Progressives vs. Republicans-Conservatives

Liberal vs. ConservativeI left this post on another blog. I hate to let a post go to waste: It didn't receive that much attention on that blog, so I'm featuring it here. Besides, I'm a little overdue on updating my own blog.

I'm looking forward to Repubs taking back the White House and Congress.

I'm looking forward to giving them the liberal version of birthers, death panels, Town Hall madness, gun-toting, "don't tread on me" idiots, and frustrating every bill the Repubs try to pass by erecting a wall of obstructionism.

I'm looking forward to the liberal protests that will feature Republican elected officials as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and painting their faces with some joker reference, and decrying the inhumanity of conservatism.

I'm looking forward to invading their conservative, Republican blogs and hurtling red-neck references, racist diatribe, and depicting the then president's kids and his wife in some disgusting, Photoshop pose.

As much as I'd like to see a tit for tat, it's not going to happen.

You know why?

And this is going to anger some of the Repubs that hang out here, and their conservative counterparts, regardless of political leaning, but liberals and progressives aren't closed minded enough, not hateful enough, not mean spirited enough, not cold hearted enough, not inhumane enough to do something that cold and calculating on a massive scale.

They're just not!

Liberals and progressives have evolved a little past their conservative brethren on the spectrum of human compassion, and "good will toward all men."

We're not called "bleeding heart liberals" for nothing. The term is used derisively, but it should be held up as a badge of honor.

Liberals care. Repubs and Conservatives don't. They couldn't give a good damn about their fellow man. And where such compassion seems to appear, it's a cover for advancing a conservative agenda at the expense of compassion. Liberals uphold the human element; Repubs uphold property, greed, and a "every man for himself" mindset.

Whether Repubs and conservatives are self-made, or suffer from some genetic flaw, science may some day determine.

But, for now, they're evolutionarily behind liberals and progressives, and only good for starting wars they don't complete, violating the Constitution they're sworn to uphold, spying on their fellow Americans against conscience and the prevailing law, resorting to torture against the collective wisdom of those who say it's counterproductive, overturning legislation and regulations designed to keep our economy healthy (and not a "dog eat dog" free market feeding frenzy), name calling, and allowing their greed to run amok, as they bring a robust economy to its knees, as they use business practices that reward reckless investing and adventurism, and not prudence, and falling back on "too big to fail" as their excuse to be bailed out of their financial woes, using the little guys' tax dollars.


Blinders Off said...


I read your post in the Fields and your comment did not go un-noticed. It definitely got under the ANONwingnutTROLL skin.

I loved it!

I left the following on Granny's blog while she take a much need rest from her troll invader. I think it is appropriate to leave this statement here on this blog post of yours.

From the very beginning when the first words were uttered, the ability to communicate has played an important role in our world.
Whether within our own thoughts, spoken or written, words have the power to transform the world we live in.

Love, laughter, heroism, friendship, and virtually every emotion we feel as human beings can be inspired by words. Unfortunately, fear, anger, and hatred, can also be invoked by words.

By Carisa Rasmussen

Your words did its job in the Fields!

Black Diaspora said...

Thanks, Blinders Off. I guess I did overstate a bit.

I pray that you're well, and that life is holding you securely in the hollow of her hand.

I will miss Granny. As I stated to her in part: I understand and respect her decision to close shop for a while, and come back when the shop has been renovated for another Grand Reopening.

And thanks for the quote by Carisa Rasmussen. I'm always amazed by the power of language. And I wish I could speak several of them.

What amazes me is our ability to make sense of grunts, and sounds that, by themselves, mean very little but for the meaning that we have attached to them.

Life is a lot like language, and, like language, the actions, behaviors, experiences, events, and attitudes that surround us only have meaning because we have attached meaning to them.

Without us, the language of words, and the language of life would be meaningless.

kathy said...

Black Diaspora, I read this a FN, it was great.

Yes, it is so interesting how people communicate, even how we use gestures can be powerful.

I don't think conservatives see themselves very well, they act like little gods, like alcoholics, children who insist that they are right and that they should be able to dictate. It's sad that they have that much power.

Black Diaspora said...

Kathy, you're right on the money with this statement: "[Conservatives act like]...children who insist that they are right and that they should be able to dictate. It's sad that they have that much power."

And if the polls are right, Repubs are primed to take back from the Dems some of the political real estate they once owned. It appears that their "do nothing but carp about Dems" is paying off.

If the American people fall for this, it will serve them right, as Repubs will have full authority and power to continue what they started--the destruction of this country at all levels: the economy, our status in the world, and our military, which is now suffering from too many deployments, and severe battle fatigue.

McCain meant it when he said: "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran."

Ernesto said...

Every voting booth in 2010 should be required by law to have a big photo of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney inside it to remind the American public (which has an average attention span measured in nanoseconds) exactly what the alternative is.

Black Diaspora said...

@Ernesto: "Every voting booth in 2010 should be required by law to have a big photo of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney inside it...."

That's funny. I couldn't agree more.

Constructive Feedback said...

Black Diaspora:

For a "diasporatic" you sure don't focus much of your conversation WITHIN the Black community.

With so few evil, racist conservatives in place within our communities the progressives that control all of the key institutions should be rolling.

What happened?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Repubs and Conservatives don't. They couldn't give a good damn about their fellow man.[/quote]

This is a stunning amount of IGNORANCE that you show.

Is there COMPASSION shown in Flint MI, the 10th most liberal city in America which has a highly disproportional murder rate?

What about Chicago? The machine that runs the place, runs the state and the Federal government. Yet they have not dredged up enough CARE FOR THE COMMON MAN to graduate more than 55.1% of their high school students.

Black Diaspora you are an empty attack merchant.

I have been looking around to see WHAT You have your agenda attached to. I see little more than a DEMOCRAT PROGRESSIVE who is speaking to the world.

The ironic thing is that where your favored ideology is present - the people who live under it have NOT progressed. Instead they use their continued grievance to make a run at the national level.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Black Diaspora
In Exile, in North America, United States
When you're in exile, not only from your native country, but the country in which you live, home becomes your soul and your unconquerable spirit.


If the US Government SHIPPED YOU BACK to this native land of yours that exists in Never Neverland YOU would cast a major lawsuit against the government for violating your AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP.

I am going to spend some time on your blog in order to show you to yourself.

You are now bookmarked.

Black Diaspora said...

@CF: "If the US Government SHIPPED YOU BACK to this native land...."

You missed my point entirely, but that's to be expected: The lens through which you see the world distort your reality.

"I am going to spend some time on your blog in order to show you to yourself."

I can't think of a greater waste of time.

Do you really think that this blog is a measure of who I am? If you truly knew me, you'd hate me, and then you'd fear me.

This blog reveals an infinitesimal portion of who I am. The whole of me you could not, not in your wildest imaginings.

Black Diaspora said...

CF: "Black Diaspora you are an empty attack merchant."

And, somehow, you think you're better?

Admit it: You don't have the answers either. You want us to think that you do, so that we'll buy your snake oil to cure all that ail us.

Your supposed cure has no more curative value than the ideology you so amply attack.

You see: There's no difference between us. The only difference is that I know it, and you don't.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Admit it: You don't have the answers either. You want us to think that you do, so that we'll buy your snake oil to cure all that ail us.[/quote]

Black Diaspora - please allow me to humbly say: The CURE is in the form of a SYSTEM/PROCESS rather than in a particular ideology.

Beyond my personal ideology I am demanding that these issues in the Black Community be made to yield to a more TRANSPARENT PROCESS that is separate from the partisan and ideological interests of the practitioners.

Here is the point B.D. - YOU say that what I am pitching is not a cure. Ironically we live in a Black community that is addicted to the Blue pill. Despite this fact you condemn my "red pill" but you do nothing against the people who are actively pushing the BLUE PILL as a cure despite the fact that it has shown to be a placebo which has enriched the drug company that manufactures it only. They remain STRONGER THAN EVER while our community has a future that is more in question than ever.

I am NOT ASKING YOU to become a "Right Winger" B.D.. I am only asking you to see that there is the "American Political Domain" and then there is the "Black Community Cultural Consciousness Domain". Operatives have attempted to fuse these two and only the former domain has benefited on our backs.

What is the threat to you or anyone else in having the Black Community yield to a more open and transparent process where people who sell us on a solution MUST yield to measurement of the effectiveness of their theories within a given time interval, facing a purge or continued confidence based only on the RESULTS?

The CURE is in the PROCESS. There is some "yellow line" in the middle of the road that we need to follow. While being bound to the process we may sway back and forth but the prevailing direction is forward advancement.

I don't need to have the same ideology as you. We only need to be bound by the same Permanent Interests and respect for the PROCESS. Today our community has neither as expressed via our leadership. The outcomes obtained despite the favorable conditions with the leadership on paper clearly show this.