Monday, July 30, 2012

Battlin' Machines

Vending Machine
Offending Machine


Greg L said...


You know generally my position on the upcoming election, but I've not spoken about Romney. Of course, he's an idiot and just another puppet that will do the bidding of the elite players,however, given that he's firmly ensconced in the 1%, the difference is that he will require less convincing.

Greg L said...

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Black Diaspora said...

Yes, Romney's a gross embarrassment--to himself and the country.

My fear is that he'll take us to war again--with Iran and only God knows who else.

That doesn't mean that Obama won't, if he's reelected, in the event that Iran continues along the path it's pursuing, but it appears all but assured if Romney wins the presidency.

Romney's aligning himself with the neo-cons and Republican hawks that advised Bush--and Cheney and the likes are salavating at the prospect that Halliburton may syphon more of our American billions, as well as other war profiteers.

This is more true now--now that our military mission has ended in Iraq and our military operation in Afghanistan is winding down.

Further, Romney will be pressured by the Tea Party faction in the Republican party to pursue austeritry measures--to severly cut back government spending, and dismantle certain government agencies or render them impotent, especially the EPA.

We've already seen what happens when austerity is used to trim a portly government deficit.

Greg L said...

I read an interesting article on the electoral college math that Romney is going to have a lot to overcome. If I find it, I'll dig it up, however, here's a piece by Pat Buchanan that says essentially the same thing while holding out hope for 2012:

The basic demographic trends that boosted Obama in 2008 remain unchanged and no one moans about this more than Buchanan.

I think its likely Obama will prevail in 2012 as I think the Romney will not play well with the republican base of christian conservatives and others. For the voters it comes down to the lesser of two evils and the evil you know frequently trumps the one you don't.

Chelton Royal said...

Gee, you guys are veritable font of conventioal wisdom ala the NYT and MSNBC.

Guess what? Romney is going to steamroll Obama. There is no way America re-elects such a corrupt failure.

Black Diaspora said...

@CR: "Gee, you guys are veritable font of conventioal wisdom ala the NYT and MSNBC."

Thanks, CR, for pointing that out. It's been bugging me for sometime trying to determine from whom I was getting all that "conventioal wisdom," and the "font" from which it flowed.

"Romney is going to steamroll Obama. There is no way America re-elects such a corrupt failure."

You know, CR, you may be onto something there. Americans aren't smart enough to reelect Obama. They elected George W. Bush twice didn't they?

"Stupid is as stupid does."

But thanks for stopping by with your observations, though, we here are all the more enlightened for it.