Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lil' David Wins Again!

President Obama vs. House RepublicansI can't resist blogging about this. By now you've heard about the modern-day David and Goliath battle that took place a few days ago when the president, all by his lonesome, with secret service in tow, of course, went up against Republicans, on their own turf--a Republican retreat in Baltimore of all places.

I'm thinking it's a good thing the secret service was there, or they may have tarred and feathered him and run him out of town on a rail. Such was the beating Republicans received at the hands of this lanky president from Chicago, standing before them in all his Lincolnesque glory, taking question after question, queries meant, at times, to embarrass, deflate, and reveal his ineptitude as president.

I don't think I overstated their intentions. Perhaps a smidgen.

Not only did he not backdown and fold, he stood tall, showed his command of the subjects, and was fearless in his answers--even when, on one occasion, the mood turned a little contentious. One blogger called him an "idiot" for his use of teleprompters. It's clear that this blogger was more intent on demeaning the president than presenting a "fair and balanced" assessment. He didn't want to credit the president's grace under fire, his ready access to a storehouse of facts, and the eloquence, and occasional disarming humor, he brings to off-the-cuff moments when he's entertaining questions at Town Hall meetings, or before a hostile crowd of Republicans in a Q and A setting.

If you didn't hear the Q and A, I'm not going to embed it here, but give you a link to the location. It comes with an excellent analysis by Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews. It's a must see. I'm hoping that it signals a turning point in the president's strategy to take a more frontal approach, an attack posture, to manage those challenges he face, knowing that a strong offense is the best defense when it comes to negotiating with an adversary that's not going to play by Queensberry rules, but will hit below the belt, and sneak a bite or two from any exposed part of his political readiness, or lack there of.

Here's how MSNBC presents this historical moment:

"Obama speaks to Republicans

"Jan. 29: Keith Olbermann shares highlights from President Barack Obama's address to a gathering of House Republicans and the opening question from Congressman Mike Pence. Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews join for analysis."

It's not surprising that Fox News didn't run the whole Q and A, seeing that their beloved Republicans were taking a drubbing at the hands of the president. Instead, they chose to break away, and offer an analysis without allowing their viewers the opportunity to see and hear the full encounter.

I guess they didn't want to expose them to this Republican woodshed chastisement.

It's probably best that the president turn down all future invites (not saying the Republicans will again), but next time they'll be prepared with a strong noose of questions, and a strong limb of questioners on which to hang him.


c.c. said...

Thanks so much for the link to the President's address to the Republican's. I can't understand how anyone could watch him without feeling an affection and admiration for him; his sense of humor and also, his flawless logic when he answers questions.
I have heard other bloggers say that he is using a teleprompter, but that really does not make a lot of sense, how would he know in advance what the questions would be? Beside that, teleprompters aren't that easy to use. It only looks easy on TV.

Black Diaspora said...

You're welcome. Some poll results came out today. What they show is how divided we are as a people, some of us actually flirting with the notion of secession.

I blame the Right for this. They exploit division and chaos.

You're right: The president thinks well on his feet, and a teleprompter is useless unless the questions and answers are scripted.

And during an address or a speech, the president (with or without a teleprompter) brings nuances, and emotional flavor to his words, that are impossible to duplicate.

Ernesto said...

Republicans, in their infinite hubris, apparently believed their own hype. And came off looking even more ridiculous than usual. Anyone who can watch this and still pull the R lever in November needs to immediately emigrate to that mystical place called "Dumbf*ckistan", where reality has no bearing on your belief system. Fully one-third of our electorate is already living there.

Black Diaspora said...

Ernesto, you always make me laugh. And that's a good thing.

You tell it like you see it, with humor, and some interesting visuals.

I never fail to read your comments over at the Field. You always bring a sobering perspective to the grandstanding that often goes on over there.

The Repubs are so far behind the times, they'd probably write in Strom Thurmond's name, and pull the lever.

Ernesto said...

"The Repubs are so far behind the times, they'd probably write in Strom Thurmond's name, and pull the lever."

Yet this is the only alternative by default for people upset with the Democrats. That's why 2010 is now looking like 1994, when 63 percent of the electorate stayed home on election day, resulting in a government held hostage by Newt Gingrich and his gang.

This set-up works out quite well for the "alto strata" of the economic pyramid, but much less so for those further down.

Anonymous said...

Black Diaspora, the last PARAGRAPH on your POST was an (I SEE MOMENT) and yes, they wanted it to be TELEVISED!

I think the President couldn't wait to take these people on! it's about time, this is OVER DUE!

NO WAY, these people are going to step back and allow this BLACK MAN to be their President, these people DO NOT know how to be SUBMISSIVE! but, they will have to learn! the President has to do FULL BATTLE with these people, they don't back down, so the President has to get in their face! like I said before, this is the President's Battle! and what a battle it is! but, we have NOT seen Nothing YET! before this is over SOME HEAD'S will be ROLLING!

The Republican's are a STRONG FORCE, but, THEY can be brought DOWN! and God expect the President along with BRAVE DEMOCART'S, to STAND STRONG!

God Almighty is tired of the REP/CON, these people DO NOT represent God! they are Dangerous to America! these people are POLARIZING and Deceitful!

God has given the President full POWER, and before this is over, he will know what FULL POWER really mean's!


Black Diaspora said...

Ernesto said...
""The Repubs are so far behind the times, they'd probably write in Strom Thurmond's name, and pull the lever."

"Yet this is the only alternative by default for people upset with the Democrats."

Ernesto, I'll respond soon in a blog entry.

@iseeisee: "The Republican's are a STRONG FORCE, but, THEY can be brought DOWN! and God expect the President along with BRAVE DEMOCART'S, to STAND STRONG!"

True, they are a formidable foe, and are pretty much willing to do almost anything to bring Obama down, but, as you say, he's got the best support in the world.

Now if only the Democrats would stand as strong as the Repubs, we'd have health-care reform, a jobs bills, and financial reform.

It's their unwillingness to go for the jugular of their opponents that gives them a reputation of being weak, and ineffective.

If the Dems won't make a move without bipartisanship, then every item on their agenda will be compromised, if not outright defeated.

There's a huge backlog of bills passed out of the house sitting in the Senate inbox that's being ignored. If not ignored, not being taken up for passage.